p.mapper Upgrades older Versions

Upgrade 3.1 -> 3.2

PEAR MDB2 package

If you want to use database joins, XY layers or certain functions for the search (suggest, options) you need to install the PEAR MDB2 database package. This substitutes the outdated DB package. Use the PEAR package manager to install the package, like

  pear install MDB2
  pear install MDB2#pgsql
  pear install MDB2#mysqli
  ... (for all other database packages you want)

For more details about PEAR go to the online documentation.

If you still need to use the older PEAR DB (e.g. to use ODBC connections) install the DB package

  pear install DB

and add in your config_xyz.ini the following entry

  pearDbClass = DB 

PEAR Spreadsheet package

If you want to use the export plugin and the export to Excel files you need to install the PEAR Spreadsheet package:

  pear install -f OLE
  pear install -f Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer

Configuration parameters


Default config file must be called config_default.ini instead of config.ini. Config files for common settings of different applications are under /config/common/.

config_common.ini can be used to store common settings of multiple *.ini files


for using the DHTML scalebar plugin it is necessary to create an entry below <div id="map" ...> like

  <div id="map" class="baselayout">
      <div id="scaleReference">
          <div id="scalebar"></div>

all JavaScript must be referenced with these settings

    echo $jsConfigReference;
    echo $jsReference; 

the attribute search UI elements are added with the following entry:

<form id="searchForm" action="blank.html" onsubmit="submitSearch()" onkeypress="return disableEnterKey(event)">
   <?php echo writeSearchContainer("inline") ?>

Context menus

Context menus require an entry in js_config.php adding the JavaScript variable pmContextMenuList. See the samples how to define the menus in JSON notation, adding them to an HTML DOM element defined with bindto: in jQuery notation.

print settings

All print settings are configured via the print.xml file located under /config/common/. The XML settings are transformed into HTML, most tags available in HTML should work if strict rules for XHTML are followed.

 <html>  HTML definition for standard (HTML) print page; is used from within printmap.phtml
 <printdlg>  HTML definition print dialog; is used from within printdlg.phtml

a string included between @[]@ like @[Scale]@ is translated into the available languages.

There are several predefined variables that can be included in the XML file. The variables must start with $$

  $$printTitle  $$printScale  $$printLegend                                       
  $$printUrlList[0]: main map image URL
  $$printUrlList[1]: reference map URL
  $$printUrlList[2]: scalebar image URL

Upgrade 3.0 -> 3.1

PHP version

p.mapper 3.1 only runs fully on PHP 5.x with XML support because the attribute search requires PHP5 XML functions.

Attribute search

See » here for search definition via XML file


new config tags (if not set, default values are taken):

  • pm_search_configfile
  • autoIdentifyGroups
  • catInfoLink/grpInfoLink
  • catWithCheckbox
  • debugLevel

See the p.mapper manual for details.


Additionally to toolbars, now also DHTML menus are supported. The definition is done via the menu1 array. Multiple menus are possible. Menus are created in the map.phtml via the function call writemenu($menu1, "menu1", "Tools")


various JS specific settings are added. See the file itself and the descriptions of the parameters there.

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