Upgrade Information for p.mapper versions

Upgrade 4.x -> 5.x

Upgrade 4.1 -> 4.2

No specific changes required for p.mapper configuration files. When changing from MapServer 5.6 to MapServer 6.0 please follow the Migration Guide.

Upgrade 4.0 -> 4.1

Default map*.phtml file for the application

The default layout type is now the former "plainlayout". The new entry file is "map_plainlayout.phtml". The version with resize of the various zones is "map_uilayout.phtml". The configuration files under "config/" are named accordingly. The selection of the config XML file in "map_uilayout.phtml" is done at the top of this file, have a look at the code:

  // Define config to be used
  $config = "uilayout";

The separate config files are necessary since the "map_uilayout.phtml" requires additional JavaScript libraries. These are loaded in the "config_uilayout.xml" file via the tag


The *.phtml files can be named in whatever way you want, it is just necessary to define the correct configuration file, as mentioned above.

New printing functions

The printing configuration file (by default /config/common/print.xml) needs some updates for the new printing functionality. If you modified the default file, add your modifications to the new file.

Upgrade 3.x -> 4.x

The main change in the configuration is the move from ini file to XML based configuration. The XML file also contains most parts of the former php_config.php file and search.xml. To convert existing config files to the new structure download the ini2xml.php converter script and run it from the command line like

# php ini2xml.php /path/to/config_yourconfig.ini

It will then create the corresponding XML file (like config_default.ini -> config_default.xml)

For more detailed information about the configuration of p.mapper v.4 see the docs at

Upgrade information for older versions see here

Upgrade Information for MapServer versions

MapServer 5.6.x

If using MapServer 5.6 and PostGIS all p.mapper versions <= 4.0.0 will not work correctly for query operations due to substantial changes in the MapScript API. p.mapper starting with 4.0.1 (and SVN trunk) is supposed to work correctly with this configuration. For older p.mapper versions you need to stick to older MapServer <= 5.4.x versions or upgrade some files to the latest stable v3 branch, see this changeset for details .

Upgrade Information for PHP versions

PHP 5.3.x

In version 5.3 PHP has removed some functions used in p.mapper:

function dl()

PHP 5.3 cannot dynamically load any more extensions if missing in the compilation (UNIX/Linux) or not loaded via php.ini file (Windows, some Linux distros). This is the case for php_mapscript, pgsql and curl extensions. So in this case you have to enable them via the php.ini by adding a line

dBase functions

PHP 5.3 does not any more support dBase functions by default. This means that some definitions for special search functionality (suggest, options) like

<definition type="suggest" connectiontype="dbase">

will not work any more. You need to use the generic "ms" definition, like

<definition type="suggest" connectiontype="ms">

In addition, the export plugin cannot any more export to shapefiles since also for this dBase functions are required.

On Linux it is possible to add the missing dbase extension via the PECL repository. Run the following command from a console as root:

  # pecl install  dbase channel://

Check the path where the file has been installed, if necessary move it accordingly. Then load this extension via the php.ini like

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