Required Knowledge for running p.mapper

of MapServer

Though the p.mapper framework is intended to ease the setup of a MapServer application and to provide a full set of functionality, its use requires some knowledge of the MapServer environment. In particular, users should be familiar with map file creation and its configuration. They need to understand the basic concepts of MapServer and Web mapping in general and the installation of PHP/MapScript.

People not familiar with the MapServer environment are kindly asked to have first a look at the various helpful tutorials provided at the MapServer homepage before starting to use p.mapper. This can avoid frustrations when using more complex MapServer based frameworks like p.mapper.

p.mapper does not make use of extensive error handling. So typically a test of the map file with low level tools like shp2img or a simple MapScript test script (like the provided test_mapfile.phtml) will be very useful to eliminate low level errors.

of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

A fair knowledge of HTML and related areas like CSS is typically recommended in order to set up a p.mapper application. Knowledge of web server basics and PHP configuration is required to set up the prerequisites of the p.mapper framework. For more profound customizations, however, ie. modifications of core behaviours and functions of p.mapper, like adding custom layers on the fly, modify query functions, etc., sound skills of PHP/MapScript and JavaScript, respectively, are required.

Most users need to make at least small customizations, e.g. with regard to styles (CSS) used for the application layout. In order to avoid conflicts during upgrading to new p.mapper versions, some suggestions for customizations are available at the FAQ - Customizations

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