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About p.mapper

The p.mapper framework is intended to offer broad functionality and multiple configurations in order to facilitate the setup of a MapServer application based on PHP/MapScript. Functions included are:

  • DHTML (DOM) zoom/pan interface (no use of frames)
  • Zoom/pan also via keyboard keys, mouse wheel, reference map, slider
  • Easy configuration of layout and behaviour with XML config file
  • Query functions (identify, select, search)
  • Fully featured attribute search, including suggest, select boxes, etc.
  • Flexible layout of query results via JavaScript templates
  • Query results display with database joins and hyperlinks
  • Multilingual user interface - pre-defined: EN, DE, IT, FR, NL, SK, ES, RU, BR, HR, HU, ZH, JA, BG
  • Fully XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant
  • HTML legends and various display styles of legend and layers/TOC
  • Print functions: HTML and PDF
  • DHTML pop-up windows and dialogs
  • Pop-up identify when moving with mouse over map
  • Support for point layers with data in a database supported by PEAR framework
  • Distance and area measurement function
  • Adding points of interest with labels on map
  • Start map with pre-defined zoom extent: via explicit extent or layer feature
  • Plugin API to add custom functionality
  • Various plugins: layer transparency, query result export, and more

p.mapper has been tested with MapServer version 4.4 to 5.4 under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The application has been mainly tested with layers based on shapefiles, PostGIS, and TIFF/ECW images as well as WMS/WFS. Oracle Spatial layers should be fully supported with version 3.1.