Change Log p.mapper 2 releases

p.mapper 2.1.1 September 09, 2006

  • only bug fix release fixes bugs for: select, sorttables, coordinate display, POI and non-ascii characters

p.mapper 2.1.0 August 24, 2006

  • new structured configuration settings
  • re-designed PHP and Javascript structure: flexible placement of PHP/JS libs (also outside of application tree)
  • re-structured measure functions using geometry.js libary
    • Provided by Federico Nieri
  • new auto-identify function, inspired by Natalia Zoppardo's development for Faunalia available as separate function or with select
  • various smaller bug fixes: layer selection after reload; mouse wheel zoom; IE map resize
  • improved error logging

p.mapper 2.0.0 [July 23, 2006]

  • fully compliant with W3C XHTML 1.0 Strict (thanks to Federico Nieri and Alessandro Radaelli)
  • new, more flexible definition of query results based on JSON encoding (
  • bug fixes: slider positioning; IE resizing, XY layers; certain grouping combinations and query; special characters and query; etc.
  • PDF printing supports Unicode characters (using TCPDF instead of basic FPDF)
  • definition of initial map extent
  • custom function for tmp image creation in order to deal with PHP/MapScript bug
  • reference image definition taken from map file

p.mapper 1.9.5 [February 23, 2006]

  • IMPORTANT: moved to Unicode (UTF-8) character encoding see dcumenation for details ("Multilingual User Interface")
  • new styles for legend and TOC; not using any more dtree.js for TOC/legend
  • bug fixes
  • renamed function '_()' to '_p()' to avoid conflicts with existing PHP getext installations
  • possibility to define an alternative image format and layers that cause to switch to this format if set active (status ON)
  • new digitize function to add labeled points to map

p.mapper 1.9.4 [October 10, 2005]

  • fixed some bugs (measure function, reference map, attribute search on PostGIS layers)
  • using newer dtree.js instead of tree.js for tree-like TOC/legend
  • added hyperlinking possibility to current map
  • re-strucured code for initialization

p.mapper 1.9.3 [August 20, 2005]

  • using now XMLHTTP requests to call PHP/Mapscript from JavaScript?! instead of using hidden IFRAMEs
  • modified display of layers for toc_tree
  • result tables for queries with column sort and align function

p.mapper 1.9.2 [June 19, 2005]

  • Bug fixes for attribute search of PostGIS layers
  • Zoom in/out with mouse wheel (IE only)

p.mapper 1.9.1 [June 06, 2005]

  • completely new layout: using DIV's instead of frames
  • new navigation/zoom functions with keyboard
  • new layer/legend display mode 'combi'
  • new definition of attribute search
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