Change Log p.mapper 2 Releases

p.mapper 1.2.0 [February 23, 2006]

  • IMPORTANT: moved to Unicode (UTF-8) character encoding see dcumenation for details ("Multilingual User Interface")
  • new styles for legend and TOC not using any more dtree.js for TOC/legend
  • some bug fixes
  • renamed function '_()' to '_p()' to avoid conflicts with existing PHP getext installations
  • possibility to define an alternative image format and layers that cause the map to switch to this format if set active (status ON)

p.mapper 1.1.0 [January 05, 2006]

  • re-structured init functions
  • layer view (TOC) with thematic categories
  • resize of map window from within application
  • possibility to specify config file via start URL
  • moved to dTree version 2.05 (tocStyle 'tree')
  • zoom with mouse wheel now works also with Firefox
  • facilitated definition of attribute search
  • Removed bugs for attribute search on PostGIS layers
    • works now when layer has different projection than map
    • works now with layers defined as join of DB tables
  • modified language settings, support for FR & SE
  • updated documentation

p.mapper 1.0.8 [September 06, 2005]

  • a bug fix release only
  • removes an error that caused problems with layer display under PHP 4

p.mapper 1.0.7 [August 06, 2005]

  • result tables for queries with column sort and align function
  • possible pan with right mouse button

p.mapper 1.0.6 [July 05, 2005]

  • Bug fixes for identify and layer refresh
  • Table of Contents/Legend?: new mode 'combi', slight modifications for 'tree' mode
  • possibility to disable automatic map refresh after changing layers

p.mapper 1.0.5 [June 19, 2005]

  • Bug fixes for attribute search of PostGIS layers
  • Navigation with keyboard and mouse wheel (IE only)

p.mapper 1.0.4 [May 16, 2005]

  • Maintenance release: bug fixes for measurement and identify functions

p.mapper 1.0.3 [March 20, 2005]

  • now support for raster queries and
  • use of TOLERANCE settings for layers (see dcoumentation for TOLERANCE settings)

p.mapper 1.0.2 [March 15, 2005]

  • select different cursors for tools
  • modified download function for map image, including GeoTIFF

p.mapper 1.0.1 [March 5, 2005]

  • zoom with slider now resizes map image and zoombox in reference map via DHTML

p.mapper 1.0.0 [February 12, 2005]

  • MapServer?! version 3.6 no longer supported
  • New reference map extent box: now box is drawn via DHTML and can be moved with mouse
  • 'Go Back' function (Zooming to previous extent) now with multiple steps, including 'Go Forward' functionality
  • legend support for raster layers with multiple classes
  • possibility to skip legend generation for layers
  • set scale with slider (DHTML)
  • uses the jpgraphics library from Walter Zorn for measure lines
  • some minor bug fixes

p.mapper 0.9.3 [October 21, 2003]

  • mainly bug-fix and maintenance release
  • some minor new functions: support for starting map with pre-defined extents legend image for raster layers

p.mapper 0.9.2 [September 8, 2003]

  • added support for XY Layers (like ArcView?! 3 event layers) using database data
  • Re-design of query functions, re-structured 'incphp' directory
  • added area measure function for double click in measure mode
  • alternate method for multi-lingual interface using DBMS

p.mapper 0.9.1 [August 14, 2003]

  • added query support (only identify) for WMS layers
  • fixed bug for layers with different projection than map now zoom-to-feature extents and highlight features are correct
  • new button switch function
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