Change Log p.mapper releases

>>> p.mapper 1 releases

>>> p.mapper 2 releases

p.mapper 4.0.0-beta2 September 26, 2009

  • various bug fixes
  • patches for compliance with PHP 5.3
  • patches for compliance with PHP error reporting E_ALL and E_STRICT
  • some minor improvements for usage and consistency

p.mapper 4.0.0-beta2 May 24, 2009

  • various bug fixes
  • most plugins adapted to work with v4
  • map image cross-over (blending)
  • new dialog defaults

p.mapper 4.0.0-beta1 January 18, 2009

  • main configuration definition with XML
  • configurations settings reduced to 2 files
  • completely restructured JavaScript? code following OO principles
  • new layout based on jQuery UI.Layout, with resizeable main containers
  • more UI settings parametrizable via JS variables in js_config.php
  • new plugins: layerselect, layerinfo
  • support for dynamically added layers
  • TOC/legend creation streamlined, tree view style based on jQuery.treeview
  • basic template system for query result display

p.mapper 3.2.1 January 23, 2009

  • pure bug-fix release

p.mapper 3.2.0 March 04, 2008

  • plugins for
    • layer transparency
    • DHTML scalebar library from Tim Schaub
    • export of query results to XLS, CSV and PDF
    • loading different maps/themes
  • new print definitions via XML file
  • new highlight for search results
  • bug fixes for AGG output, search, and others
  • using Pear MDB2 as default package for joins, XY Layer and search (DB can be used on choice)
  • packaged JavaScript? files for faster loading
  • definition of measurement units
  • included default TrueType? fonts for labels and symbols
  • suggest function uses jQuery.suggest
  • additional language support for RU
  • support for context menus

p.mapper 3.1.1 September 30, 2007

  • pure bug-fix release

p.mapper 3.1.0 June 20, 2007

  • New definition of attribute search, based on XML config file
  • Checkboxes for categories and enable/disable all assigned layers
  • First basic support for custom functions and plugins
  • Default support for menus
  • Automatic loading of custom CSS and Javascript
  • all AJAX functions migrated to jQuery
  • treeview style for query result based on jQuery treeview
  • DHTML pop-up windows based on jqModal
  • various bug fixes
  • additional language support for CZ, BR, SK, ES

p.mapper 3.0.0 December 3, 2006

  • move to NEW LICENSE: now under GPL instead of MIT
  • new and more flexible layout using zones
  • measure function with new features and enhancements thanks fo Federico Nieri
  • new default layout for zoom slider
  • scale bar with drop down list of pre-defined scales
  • moved most of style settings from map.phtml to layout.css
  • new themes for tool buttons
  • started migration of JavaScript? code to use jQuery library (
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