I would like to thank all who provided contributions to the p.mapper development:

Federico Nieri and Alessandro Radaelli from Comune di Prato:

Contributions in quite a few files (Javascript and PHP) in order to make p.mapper 2 compliant with W3C XHTML standards. Re-structured measure functions, including geometry.js libary.

Luca Marletta from

For regularly testing of development versions and reporting bugs.

Thomas Raffin

For testing and various bug fixes, some additional functionalities, various plugin contributions

All users that provided support for translations of the language files:

  • IT: Luca Marletta
  • FR: Paul Hasenohr, Thomas Raffin
  • NL: Andre van Atten
  • ES: Nuria González, Lara Perez
  • RU: Anna Kostikova
  • SK: Ivan Mincik
  • HR: Dejan Gambin
  • BR: Rodrigo Gaete
  • ZH (simplified Chinese): Xiaobao Zang
  • HU: Zoltan Siki
  • JA: Takashi Ota
  • BG: Zlatomir Dimitrov
  • CZ: Petr DOBEŠ
  • EL: Andreas P
  • HE: Micha Silver
  • LV: Aigars Varpins
  • ID: Tri Agus Prayitno
  • CAT (Catalan): Rosa Olivella González
  • TW (traditional Chinese): Jun Yuan Lin


For license please see the main p.mapper home page

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